Peter was born and educated in Budapest, Hungary. He has built a strong reputation for writing and directing music videos and commercials in his native Hungary. Having built his foundations at the London Film School, where he was creative assistant to numerous productions, Peter returned to Budapest to direct in 2003. His edgy videos, written, directed and cut with a perfectionist's passion and attention have won him and his clients numerous accolades. Peter has been awarded both Bravo Otto and VIVA Comet award for best music video for which he has been nominated a total of six times. Peter received the highest acknowledgements in his native Hungary for television commercials, including ADCH awards, Golden, Silver and Bronze Blades, Effie and also Hipnozis award. Now Peter is working mostly on commercial film projects for international markets.


I am with Aylene Gardiner Agency for the Middle East and Eastern Europe. If you are considering me for a job for these regions please contact them at: 


I am with SHP agency for South East Asia. If you are considering me for a job for that region please contact them at: 




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