I was born and educated in Budapest, Hungary where I am also based currently. Since I was a little child I was always interested in filmmaking. I made my first piece in high school when I could get my hands on a DV handy cam. I used internal cuts to put the story together. The joy of making, creating was so powerful that made me realise that this is what I want to do in my life. This power is that is driving me ever since then and I just can’t get bored of making moving pictures. Having done dozens of music videos at the beginning and hundreds of adverts later I took a turn into features and worked on local TV series as a director for the recent couple of years. Shooting about 25 episodes of different TV series opened another world and level in filmmaking that added so much to my approach of filmmaking. I feel really complete as a director and I always keep looking for new chellanges. 


I am with Aylene Gardiner Agency for the Middle East and Eastern Europe. If you are considering me for a job for these regions please contact them at: 


I am with SHP agency for South East Asia. If you are considering me for a job for that region please contact them at: 




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